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the dessert jar story

Founder and baker, Jasmine, has a special compartment in her stomach that she will always leave empty for after meal treats. No matter how much she gorged herself, Jasmine has to have dessert. She loves pastries, cakes, cookies and all things sweet. Her absolute favorite ingredient is chocolate, so her hands (and sometimes face) is usually covered in this gooey mess.

Having found her passion in baking and creating delectable indulgences, coupled with a Patisserie certificate, Jasmine has decided to start her own bakery, called The Dessert Jar.

All good things don't just come in jars, she makes celebration cakes, biscuits, cheesecakes and chilled desserts. The Dessert Jar caters to cafes, restaurants, parties, functions, events, party favors and bonbonnieres.

All our products are crafted from scratch using the freshest ingredients.

We are located in Canberra, Australia. Please contact us for your celebration cake needs and as the saying goes, 

We Promise to be Sweet!

JACQ + AL ❤️_You know you’ve nailed the concrete look when your mum comments that the grey
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