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We are so excited for Christmas 2017!

Is it weird to be listening to Christmas songs in the middle of June? I find that so soothing and it calms me down, getting me ready for my favorite season of the year. What I love about Christmas is that everyone is in a holiday mood, the displays in stores are in the festive colors of green, red and gold, (though I do fancy the silver and white combination too) and its a time where families and friends get together to feast (this is probably my favorite-est part heh..).We are thinking of buying a Christmas tree and wreath for our home but can't decide which to get!

We have started to put together our Christmas packaging for our handmade biscuits and finalising the recipe for a very special cake, only sold during Christmas. We will have 2 holiday flavors of biscuits for you to purchase for your loved ones. They are perfect as little gifts, they will also be sold in a set, complete in a beautiful specially custom made kraft bag.We will start taking pre-orders in November and they can be collected from December onwards. We will also be at the Old Bus Depot Market every Sunday, including a Saturday (2 Dec). Our last day of trade at the Old Bus Depot Market is 23 December, after which we will whisk away to spend the holidays with our family! The Dessert Jar will return to the market on 14 Jan 2018.

Please email us at for any queries or if you just wanna say Hi!

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

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