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No-Fuss Cakes

Our 6" No-Fuss layered cakes consists of 3 layers of cakes with fillings in between every layer, topped with

decorations as seen in pictures below.







Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream

and Chocolate Ganache


Tropical Coconut Cake with

Passionfruit Curd

and Vanilla Bean Buttercream

$110 (serves 8-10 people)

(not including delivery charges)

How to order


  1. Decide on the date and flavor you would like.

  2. Text us at 0422 466 847.

  3. Pick up timing or delivery details to be confirmed.

  4. Make payment and your cake is on your way!

But before we start......

  1. NO changes to decorations.

  2. If you are after a particular design, color scheme or would like extras, they would be considered custom made cakes and would therefore, cost more and require a quote.

  3. Standard decorations are as shown in pictures above. If a decorative element is not available, we will replace it at our discretion to best suit design.

  4. Delivery charges varies with location, please see below for delivery charges.

  5. Please text us at 0422 466 847 if you have any queries

  6. NO deliveries/pick ups on Sundays/Public Holidays


Pick Up & Delivery Time :

Mon to Sat 10.30am - 1.30pm

We'll try our best to suit your preferred times,

please understand if we are not able to accommodate. 

We will advise of confirmed time via text.

Pick Up Location : Harrison, ACT

Delivery Charges

Pick up from Harrison, ACT is at no charge.

* Within 10 kilometre radius - $40

* Within 11 kilometre and 20 kilometre radius - $50

* Within 21 kilometre and 25 kilometre radius - $60

* Within 26 kilometre and 30 kilometre radius - $70

* Within 31 kilometre and 35 kilometre radius - $80

* Within 35 kilometre and 40 kilometre radius - $100

* Above 40 kilometres, please call us for a quote

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