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cupcake flavors




price guide for cupcakes

Cupcakes - $6.50 - $7.50 per piece (depending on flavor/design)

Minimum Order - 24 pieces

Please choose TWO of the above flavors.

For a specific design/customization, please email us for a quote.


How to order

We would require at least 5 days notice in advance.

Do let us know the following details:

- Date and Time which you need the sweet treats for

- Flavor of sweet treats

- Quantity needed for each flavor

- Address for delivery (if applicable)

Please either text/email us or send a message through our Contact Us page.

We will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

A. Classic Vanilla with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

B. Classic Vanilla with Raspberry Buttercream

C. Classic Vanilla with Lemon Frosting

D. Classic Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream

E. Classic Chocolate with Raspberry Buttercream

Best of both worlds ! That’s a balance r
When you share a cupcake, you share love
The sun always shine after a storm ☀️. S
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